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01 Jan

Someone once told me that the simplest definition of “grace” is being kinder to people than they deserve. In Greek, the word means to indue with special honor.  (There are a lot harder definitions, but let’s go with this one.)

The Collect of the Mass for the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God is filled with grace: “O God, who through the fruitful virginity of Blessed Mary bestowed on the human race the grace of eternal salvation…”

In Luke 1:28, Gabriel addresses Mary as “full of grace.”  Mary, filled with the grace of God, graces us with the arrival of our Savior.  The Savior graces us with eternal salvation.  God is being kinder to the human race than we deserve.

God extends his grace.  Will we accept it?  Will we give His grace to others?

Our world today needs grace.  Lots of it.  We need to be people who not only give grace but are humble enough to receive it.  When we receive the grace of someone else, their grace grows, and so does ours.

May 2019 bring an increase of grace - ‘cause we’re probably going to need it.

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