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28 May

I have been studying the Propers of the Mass for over 2 years, I've been making screencasts for 15 months, and there's one thing I know.  The Roman Missal has amazing prayers.  The Prayer after Communion for Pentecost Sunday is no different.

This week I thought about the theology of gifts.  (That's probably not a real thing, but I found it thought provoking.)  As I explain in the screencast, there is a connection between people when gifts are given and received.  The connection must be so much greater when the gifts are exchanged - given and received - between us and God.  

Do we pick and choose from the gifts that God gives? 

I'll take this, but not that.  I might not like that gift, Lord, it may be too __________ (big, small, easy, difficult...) for me.  

What gifts can you give humbly and sincerely give God this week that you know he will love to receive from you?

Have a blessed Pentecost.  May the Holy Spirit descend upon us, and may we receive and believe so that we can re-live the book of Acts! (wouldn't that be exciting!)

Thanks for praying with me,


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