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14 May

One of the hard parts about a pandemic quarantine is MY plans got changed.  I had to give up what I wanted to do. All of this is an inconvenience for ME.

What if God wants to perform a miracle through all of this, and he can't do it because we're focused on ourselves?

What if the miracle God wants is lives that are changed, just like the other prisoners and guards with Paul and Silas, but we're singing a sad selfish song instead of singing God's praises?  

What if God wants to work miracles through us, but our eyes are on us on not Him?

I think it'd be fun to see miracles, just like Paul and Silas, and Peter and the other Apostles. Who's going to do it?  If not you or me, then who?

Maria Vadia The power of the words + The High Praise!

PDF Building a Vocabulary of Praise.pdf

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