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07 May

Flannery O’Connor sent a prayer book to a friend who had recently joined the Church, and wrote, “So many prayer books are so awful, but if you stick with the Liturgy you are safe.” (The Habit of Being p. 160)

I love that quote because I think she's right.  The Roman Missal is the official prayer book of the Church, and in it we find centuries of words and phrases that connect us with the Early Church.  There are mornings when, at my prayer time, I don't make it past the Collect. (The bonus there is that it gives me the chance to pray the scripture throughout the day.)

Recently added to our liturgy is the Mass in Time of Pandemic.  These, as well as the other prayers in the Missal, are prayers intended for the Mass, yes, but for me, studying the Prayers of our Liturgy seems to draw me deeper into the prayer life of the Church.  Thank you for praying with me!

Propers (Prayers) for Mass in Time of Pandemic

Scripture Readings for Mass in Time of Pandemic

Pope Francis’ Urbi et orbi meditation (March 2020)

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