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27 Aug

A few years ago, I learned something that hit me so profoundly.  It's this: God isn't just someone with the name of God. (no really, have you ever thought about it?)  God's name is Him, it's his being.  To call on the Name of God is to call on Him.  To call on the name of Tom or Chris doesn't get you anyone unless they're in the next room.  But when we call on the Name of God, he draws near.  His Name is his being.

But really, my favorite part is the last part of this week's Collect: You may nurture in us what is good (our reverence for Him) and with his watchful care, keep safe what He has nurtured.

This week, let's remember this: We are under his watchful care, and that which is His, he will keep safe.

Thanks for praying with me,


p.s. If you need some prayer time to meditate on his Name, check out this video

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