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30 Jun

He's-Not-Doubting Thomas 

(His Feast Day is July 3)

I have never liked the term "doubting Thomas".  Until recently, I could never explain why, but I've discovered the answer:  Thomas wasn't a doubter.  He was an unbeliever.

I studied up on the difference between doubt and belief, and I learned that you don't doubt something if you don't believe it.  I could tell you all week that the sun will come in the South and you wouldn't believe it, therefore you wouldn't doubt it.  You can only doubt what you already believe.

Being an unbeliever is what makes Thomas' testimony all the more important.  Thomas was an insider! He was with Jesus every day. Thomas thought where he was was enough. He saw miracles every day, but he believed because he looked at the evidence, not the power of God. That's why the Resurrection of Jesus challenged him so; the others had no evidence to show him.

It's so easy to get complacent when it comes to faith. 

"The Body of Christ." "Amen."  

"The Body of Christ." "Amen."  

"The Body of Christ." "Amen."  

We show up, we go through the motions, but have we grown in faith?  Remember, faith isn't faith if it's not tested.  The Body that we receive is "my Lord and my God."

About doubting: what if you do believe and you have doubts?  Talk to someone - BUT don't choose someone who will tell you only what you want to hear.  Talk to someone who will speak truth.  It's what your soul is searching for anyway.

Thank you for praying with me.

St. Thomas, pray for us!


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